I had a vision by helenhall

I had a vision

I hesitate about posting this, as it has no photographic merit what so ever but in an effort to be amused, rather than disheartened, I will tell the story behind the two snap shots downloaded from whatsapp.

Whilst staying with Dad last time, I became aware that our paid Carer - who does 24 hr care every other week - was having a birthday as she took over from me and so I resolved to make her a cake.

Well finding the time within the schedule to do this in the first place was a major achievement but coupled with a lack of suitable ingredients and equipment, the result was a rather sad looking effort with the end cut off as it had stuck to the tin. The cake was accepted gratefully (and it certainly was not me that took the photograph - I would rather my siblings had not seen such a sad looking effort so that I could pretentd that the result of my labour was somewhat more respectable).

At the end of the Carer's week, she in turn presented a cake to my sister, made for valentines day, for Dad as an appreciation for how kind we have been to her as a family.

Well as I am sure you will understand, this cake is something more like the vision I had when I first set out to make my cake.

How embarrassing.

This for February words, vision.
What a great story. I am sure your cake still tasted delicious even if the presentation was lacking. As my Mum used to say 'It's the thought that counts'
February 21st, 2021  
The last is what counts. It the reason why I don't bake lol.....
February 21st, 2021  
Great story. The most important thing is good intentions.
February 22nd, 2021  
This story gave me a laugh. It really is the taste that matters.
February 22nd, 2021  
I actually think both cakes look quite delicious! And what a tribute it was to you and your family for the Carer to acknowledge how kind you've been!
February 22nd, 2021  
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