Snow Geese Flying over Cranes by janeandcharlie

Snow Geese Flying over Cranes

Snow Geese (by Mary Oliver)
Oh, to love what is lovely, and will not last!
What a task
to ask
of anything, or anyone,
yet it is ours,
and not by the century or the year, but by the hours.
One fall day I heard
above me, and above the sting of the wind, a sound
I did not know, and my look shot upward; it was
a flock of snow geese, winging it
faster than the ones we usually see,
and, being the color of snow, catching the sun
so they were, in part at least, golden. I
held my breath
as we do
to stop time
when something wonderful
has touched us
as with a match,
which is lit, and bright,
but does not hurt
in the common way,
but delightfully,
as if delight
were the most serious thing
you ever felt.
The geese
flew on,
I have never seen them again.
Maybe I will, someday, somewhere.
Maybe I won’t.
It doesn’t matter.
What matters
is that, when I saw them,
I saw them
as through the veil, secretly, joyfully, clearly.
Wow wow wow...
January 10th, 2019  
Every time we see the migration of birds, we watch in awe. I am glad that our grandchildren can see it with us. What a blessed day this was.
January 10th, 2019  
January 10th, 2019  
It was a treat to see this wonder.
January 10th, 2019  
Oh wow so cool fav
January 10th, 2019  
Wow!!! FAVtastic capture :)
January 10th, 2019  
Beautiful photo and words!
January 11th, 2019  
Was this at the Bosque del Apache? What a wondrous sight.
January 11th, 2019  
Amazing!! Would love to see that! Fav
January 11th, 2019  
January 11th, 2019  
@elatedpixie @bigdad @joansmor @ranger1 @Dawn @gilbertwood @loweygrace @aikimomm @harbie @777margo
Thanks so much for your comments about my photo of the snow geese. I took this at the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge. It truly is the experience that the poem I included describes.
January 12th, 2019  
The geese just stop for some food & move on?
January 12th, 2019  
Now that is a sight and the poem describes it beautifully.
January 12th, 2019  
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