Horseback Riders Entering Canyon de Chelly, Arizona by janeandcharlie

Horseback Riders Entering Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

“We chose to see the canyon on horseback. It was a fantastic decision. As we mounted our hearty and well-seasoned steeds, we followed our Navajo guide into this land that time has truly ignored.
On horseback, there is a gentle rhythm created by the steady beat of the hooves beneath you. And it doesn't take long before this rhythm becomes part of the heartbeat of the landscape. Canyon de Chelly, with its rich colors, powerful geology and incredible human history, has a beat and a rhythm all its own, and as the horses carried us further into the depths of this splendid place, I could feel myself becoming a part of it.
Unlike the 4-wheel drive experience, the equine experience is peacefully quiet. Our ears were filled with the sounds of the canyon alone, the hoofbeats in the white sand, the gentle breezes caressing the brilliant green leaves of the willow and cottonwoods scattering the canyon floor, a screeching hawk soaring above our heads, and the occasional voice of a child laughing that would echo off the canyon walls. The Anasazi have long since left this place, but Canyon de Chelly is still home to the Navajo, who live and farm here. One can only imagine what incredible perspectives on life are gained by living an entire lifetime in such a place as this.”
~Sandra Shaw~
Sandra Shaw sure captures the feeling of the canyon. We didn't ride horses, but I can sure see the beauty of exploring the canyon that way.
March 29th, 2019  
What a fabulous experience , and cool candid
March 29th, 2019  
March 29th, 2019  
Like stepping back in time...
March 29th, 2019  
Stunning place, great way to see it.
March 29th, 2019  
FAVtastic :)
March 29th, 2019  
Beautiful day for a ride!
March 30th, 2019  
This looks like a nice thing to do FAV
March 30th, 2019  
@bigdad @Dawn @joansmor @ranger1 @sugarmuser @gilbertwood @harbie @777margo
Thanks so much for commenting on my photo of the horseback riders entering Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. We entered via 4-wheel drive, but the narrative above is very convincing to go in on horseback; however, I'm not a good horseback rider, and Charlie has a bad back, so it's probably just as well we went by motor vehicle.
March 31st, 2019  
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