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Jigsaw Puzzles

We all remember. The first jigsaw puzzle we completed as a family featured a giant cheeseburger! That was about 25 years ago, and here we are still loving jigsaw puzzles today — especially during the holiday season. On Christmas Day, Sarah and Nirali took over when Dan and John stepped away to pick at the sizzling ham just out of the oven; but the girls called the guys back into the room to join in placing the last piece. Lucky us, our son-in-law and daughter-in-law enjoy jigsaw puzzles, too.

The snow fell beautifully all day as the fire roared and sweet Charlotte napped peacefully by the window. I remember the puzzle snowman’s smiling face and glowing lantern, colorful lights on our tree burning bright, and babe in the manger bathed in the hidden bulb’s soft orange light. I think of that wonderful Christmas afternoon and the blessing it was, and I muse:

What are human beings, that you think of them;
mere mortals, that you care for them?
O LORD, our Lord,
your greatness is seen in all the world!
- Psalm 8:4, 9
sounds like an idyllic family gathering. How fortunate you are to have been able to do this - even in 2020. You conjure up a delightful scene.
January 1st, 2021  
A wonderful narrative with this sweet photo ♥
January 2nd, 2021  
Such a sweet detail shot of the family spending time together. I’m trying to capture those memories and shots with my family. Love your photos and your narratives.
January 2nd, 2021  
I always marvel at the perspective you have on life and how you capture it within your photography. I love the moments you share and find them and your words so inspiring. This is such a beautiful photo and wonderful narrative. The lighting is perfect and the composition fantastic, giving rise to a beautiful story all on its own.
January 2nd, 2021  
Very fun. I received a puzzle for Christmas and am looking forward to working it.
January 2nd, 2021  
Great shot. Looks like a fun family time.
January 3rd, 2021  
Great shot that tells a story and it looks like fun.
January 3rd, 2021  
Great shot and story behind it! You inspired me today. Tomorrow I will wipe dust off my camera and go for a walk! I am taking pictures with my phone recently, but miss my Nikon...thank you💗
January 18th, 2021  
@panoramic_eyes Thank you for visiting my project and for your kind words. 🥰 I hope you enjoy that walk and your re-acquaintance with your Nikon. I think you have a great eye and a beautiful style!
January 19th, 2021  
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