by janetb

I’ve been digging deeper into my love of photography, seeking answers to some nagging questions — including whether or not the questions even need be asked or answered!

Do I feel titles and/or narratives are necessary for my images to honor God or hold personal significance?

Do I feel the need to tell stories with my images? If so, do my images alone tell the stories or do I feel they need accompanied by titles and/or narratives to tell the stories?

Do I feel the need to influence viewers’ thoughts about my images with titles and/or narratives?

I thought I’d conduct an experiment in an effort to get the answers I seek. For the time being, I’ll post my pictures wordless — no title or accompanying narrative. After a bit, I’ll answer the following.

With my voice silenced,

do I feel I’m honoring God with my images?

do I feel my images lose some — or all — sense of personal significance?

do I feel the stories behind my images are left untold? If so, do I feel the need to tell them?

viewers’ thoughts about my images will not be subject to my influence. Do I care?

After answering these questions, I’ll move on to the second phase of my experiment in which I’ll post my pictures with a title only and begin the question and answer process again. That’s the current plan anyway.

Here’s to gaining a fresh perspective and ripened creative spirit!
Pretty snow capture. Best of luck with your experiment.
January 17th, 2021  
Wonderful crystals.
January 17th, 2021  
Very nice shot
January 18th, 2021  
A wonderful winter capture - and I look forward to your experiment results. (many of your narratives have been a blessing to me, but so have your captures ♥)
January 21st, 2021  
For one moment as I got to the end of your narrative, I thought you were going to offer us commentary without images! These are interesting questions that you pose. I enjoy both your images and your commentary - the latter supplements the former but I think my whole reaction is driven by the image. Whatever you post, you always, seem to me, to be showing an appreciation of God's creation and his generousity. Always honouring.
January 21st, 2021  
@linnypinny Thank you, Lin, for your kind and helpful comment. ♥
January 23rd, 2021  
@helenhall Many thanks for your kind comment. Your input is really helpful and very much appreciated. ♥
January 23rd, 2021  
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