Pademelon and other adventures. by jeneurell

Pademelon and other adventures.

I should have had a nice day. I went to art, then for coffee and cake, and then a walk along the tracks at the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. I was actually after fungi photos - but the fungi just wasn't there. A leech attached itself to my arm, and this experience was the precursor to my panic when something fell from my head to my neck when I took off in the car. In this moment of panic I brushed the offender off with my right arm and my left arm followed in the same direction so I gave the post in the middle of the road a good whack with the car! Insurance will cover most of the damage, but it was a shock as it all happened so quickly from what was a fairly to be expeced reaction. The nice thing of the day was seeing this little pademelon having a rest in the rainforest.
Oh dear, creepy crawlies in the car are a real risk. Hope you are ok.
February 20th, 2024  
Great pic, So clear and so cute.
A happy ending !!
February 20th, 2024  
Lovely shot of this little one, not the best ending for your day out, but it could have been a lot worse.
February 20th, 2024  
Aw. Wee sweetie!
February 21st, 2024  
@pusspup Thanks. I am fine. The car has had a wheel alignment and something to do with the brakes reset and am just waiting now for the mudguard and another panel to be replaced. Fortunately the car is drivable even if it is not looking it's best.
March 9th, 2024  
@kitkat365 @merrelyn @jamibann Thank you for your comment on my pademelon shot.
March 9th, 2024  
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