Not expected

A Delorean was parked in the parking lot of the historic Riordan Mansion yesterday. I suppose it belongs since it is now an historic car.
The automaker John Delorean also signed this car,(see inset) whether or not this is 'legit' or not remains to be verified. A basic google search didn't result in any information.
It was a great deal of fun to see this car so close and in wonderful condition. The owners even have a small flux capacitor on the center console. This is really a USB charger made to resemble the device.
Great find and capture
posted April 21st, 2017  
A very creative pov - a great find!
posted April 21st, 2017  
Wow--wonderful find!
posted April 21st, 2017  
So cool, do hope they get proof
posted April 21st, 2017  
Great Scott Marty! Nice find.
posted April 23rd, 2017  
How interesting!
posted April 23rd, 2017  
@jo38 @megpicatilly @eudora @cscarr97 @evalieutionspics @lizhammond Thank you very much for your wonderful comments. This car and the movie area very wonderful thing they make me smile and remember fun times. I don't think that I've ever been this close to one.

@lizhammond The car and owners will be back in June for a classic car show and I will be volunteering so I'll make sure to ask.
posted April 26th, 2017  
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