PMAE no 12 by joysabin

PMAE no 12

To stretch myself, I tried using a circular fisheye lens for a night shot.
Much better when seen on black.

This is concept is still very much a work in progress. I went out early enough to 'set' my shot but then saw the stars and MilkyWay were much more interesting behind me so, of course I moved everything and tried a few shots (got a tad lucky). I couldn't tag this for the nifty fifty challenge as I set it to infinity. I have to go again to this spot so try some more before the road gets closed for the winter.
Love the drama here!
September 13th, 2017  
So interesting! Great experiment!
September 13th, 2017  
September 13th, 2017  
@joemuli Thank you so much, this lake and meadow is a wonderful place to view the stars.

@domenicododaro I thank you, the lens is fun so there will be more.

@eudora Very grateful, thank you kindly.
September 14th, 2017  
Well done!
September 14th, 2017  
Wonderful on black
September 16th, 2017  
@overalvandaan Thank you very much, I've got a great deal more to learn but, at least isn't too cold at night yet.

@jo38 Thank you, the lake is far enough away to only have a slight glow of the lights from Flagstaff. I just love the sound of the crickets.
September 16th, 2017  
Yes, on black it's pretty cool! Good experiment!
September 16th, 2017  
@mcsiegle Thank you, while the temps are too bad I need to take advantage of the nights.
September 17th, 2017  
Looks amazing on black, like a circular planet..
September 25th, 2017  
@stephanies Thank you, the lens is fun and I want to try again. The cold weather is best for night shots around here but I need to buy some battery powered socks.:):)
September 26th, 2017  
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