PMAE No. 360 by joysabin

PMAE No. 360

Sedona Moon rise. Not a great shot by any stretch.
This looks good in b&w. I wonder how it would look cropped up a bit from the bottom?
August 27th, 2018  
It is very effective and eye catching. The moon is out tonight, So full and bright. I simply exhausted to get out. Lament from inside..
August 27th, 2018  
It is a shot that gets my imagination gonig. What are those structures to the right, are they rocks or a ruin of a castle? A place to start a story.
August 27th, 2018  
But I like it!! Looks so difficult to capture
August 27th, 2018  
very cool
August 27th, 2018  
Very interesting shot. I agree with @golftragic, And perhaps crop some off the left. Or perhaps crop from top and bottom to make like a pano, emphasize the vastness. Would also be an interesting contrast to see the same photo at sunset, or just daylight. But the more I look at it, the more I like it as is.
August 27th, 2018  
I really like this! Dramatic and different.
August 27th, 2018  
has a nice feeling
August 27th, 2018  
I like it. Fav!
August 27th, 2018  
great b&w
August 27th, 2018  
I really like the detail from the light of the moon.
August 27th, 2018  
@golftragic Thank you so much. It actually is, I was using a 12mm wide angle that I had switched to midway during the the shot.

@yaorenliu Thank you a great deal.The wonderful thing about the moon is that there is always next month.

@ingajohansson Thank you so much, the structures are a formation called Cathedral Rock ( ). Sedona Arizona has a wonderful collection of rock/peak formations.

@30pics4jackiesdiamond There are several different points that I could have chosen from but this one is free and didn't have anyone else around except Cynthia (see ) who was nothing short of an angel.

@graemestevens Thank you so very kindly, truly appreciate the fav. The peace and quiet was only interrupted by a few cars going down the near by road and it was warm 85f.

@byrdlip Thank you a great deal for the fav. I agree with you and Marnie that cropping off a tad on the left would make the moon behind the clouds a stronger focus point. Shot and learn...

@jernst1779 Truly appreciative, thank you.

@blueberry1222 It was a magical night in Sedona, I need to go down there more at night- its much quieter and warmer than Flag.

@haskar Thank you so very much for the fav. Sedona is a wonderful place to explore.

@ideetje Thank you so much. The night sky in B&W is very interesting.

@henrir Thank you, I need to try different lenses. Sedona has more open area and much more interesting rocks to 'play' around with.
August 28th, 2018  
Magical mood. At the sight of the stars in the night sky the thoughts begin to drift. A corner of the infinite can then catch.
August 30th, 2018  
@jerome Thank you so kindly for the fav. I adore Sedona in the early morning and evening.
August 31st, 2018  
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