Who Ya Gonna Call? by jtsanto

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Many of my older son’s toys are finding new life with Diego, specifically any car or truck since the new kid on the block LOVES anything with wheels. But this artifact of a toy - likely dating back to 1987 or so and looking every day as old as it is - carries a lot of meaning for me. I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I saw the movie in theaters in 1984 and decided that if I couldn’t be an actual Ghostbuster in life, then I would make movies. I have passed my love of the characters, live action and animated, male and female, on to my oldest son, but now to see interest in a completely different aspect of the show in my youngest is really exciting. I like to think that Ecto-1 isn’t just another car toy, but that Diego’s preference for it comes from an inherent nerdiness I pass along. And I bet he’s going to love Ecto-3 when he finds it!
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