Resting at play by jtsanto

Resting at play

After waiting a while at a rather heavy traffic playground, Diego finally got his turn to use the tunnel that so intrigued him. And like the kid before him, he took up brief, sideways residence. The day was hot and sunny, so this bit of shade was likely welcome respite. But I think his main reason for kicking his feet up while sheltered had more to do with a “play fort” mentality many kids share. When I was a kid I loved being in closed spaces. Perhaps it was the privacy. Maybe it was the enclosure that makes one recall the womb. Or maybe it’s simply just fun to be in your own little space for a bit, closed off from a busy world and all that sensory overload it contains. Whatever the reason, I see him in moments like this one and remember being just like him, remember his brother being just like him too. Let the world have its noise and color. We’ll just be over here comforted by quiet.
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