Car? by jtsanto


“Bee!” has been replaced by “Car?” in Diego’s daily series of exclaimations. His passion for anything on four wheels continues - the wagon, his stroller, any car anywhere, anytime, ever - but now he actually uses the correct word for it. Fascinating how kids make that turn in early childhood. One minute it’s all gibberish and murmuring. The next they’re truly communicating their wants and needs. So far Diego’s got down “leche, agua, cat, truck, tractor, pouch, baby, Mama, Daddy, Papa, JT” and “pasta.” And “bee.” And “car.” His mom will see this incomplete list and name about ten more I am forgetting, but the point remains: Diego is growing really, really fast. And while it is terrific to see him doing so well, and become so much easier to take care of, it’s also a little sad. As an infant, he was snuggly, goofy, sweet and fairly still - the kind of child everyone who loves babies talks about missing when they get bigger and more independent. I get it now. I get missing those early stages. I get why they say to appreciate them because they go fast. Now I am really appreciating these stages, really loving his newfound strengths and words. He’s still goofy and sweet... just not as snuggly or still!
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