Closeup by jtsanto


One of the biggest differences between doing a 365 with a DSLR and doing it with a phone is the quality - and proximity - of closeups. There have not been many shots of Diego is extreme closeup, shots which were common in Justin’s 365 partially because of the lens used. In this picture, I was trying to get very close, but the problem with a phone is that you have to physically get close to take a detailed close up. With my Canon 50mm lens, I could be a foot and a half away and get a nice tight shot with exquisite bokeh. If I got within a foot, I could get some lovely eye shots. Diego’s eyes are among the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life, and while a shot like this represents them decently - as well as this damn mosquito bite he got while sleeping - they are not given full justice. So this week I’ll be breaking out the old gear with the hope that I’ll be able to really show off the beauty of this kid’s eyes.
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