FaceTiming by jtsanto


This is actually a pretty big part of Diego’s life. While his paternal grandparents - well, most of them - are now local, especially after two of the four moved back to New England after a couple-year stint in Texas. But on the (less-confusing) maternal side, the only way for Diego to see his abuela and abuelo on a regular basis is over video calls like the one captured in this photograph. Carmen tries to at least call her parents once a week, but it’s not as easy to pin down times to give Diego a glimpse of his grandparents due to the time difference and his sleep schedule. Amazingly, they do connect pretty regularly, and even when the video isn’t live, they receive regular phone-captured videos and photos of Diego’s every day. The 21st Century contains many wonders, but if you ask me, the closeness Carmen maintains with her family in Spain - and indeed the connection established between Diego and that family - is chief among our best technological by-products.
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