A chilly Spring by jtsanto

A chilly Spring

Diego notoriously disliked hats during his infant-hood, but it would seem now that he is quite a fan. In particular, this Lightning McQueen winter cap that is a hand-me-down from his older brother is a favorite. And with Spring having a really hard time getting going this year, he has had plenty of opportunity to wear his new favorite accessory. While I do like it a lot too, and while I am psyched he’s covering up appropriately while being outside more as temperatures remain low, I do get a bit of nostalgia when I look at him confidently stride around our house after school. He looks so much older than he is - so much more grown up that I can believe. It makes me think too much about how transient toddlerhood is, how swift babyhood was. The days are moving too fast sometimes and I wish sometimes that I can slow down this race car.
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