Chase by jtsanto


An annual dinner at my fiancée’s work allowed me this shot of Diego chasing his older brother through a huge field of green under churning skies. HDR made the image a lot more dramatic than it originally looked - the clouds were a lot more flat. And honestly, those clouds kind of take away from the honest subject of this shot: the boys at play. I love that my oldest has recently been trying so hard to get to know his younger brother. This transition from only child to older brother cannot be easy for JT, even if Diego is probably the coolest two year-old ever. There are many times when our focus is solely on Diego and his needs, and it worries me that JT can sometimes feel left out or left behind. But here he is, making the best out of the time we all have together and letting his brother chase him around during a dinner he probably wasn’t super-pumped to attend. It worked out in the end, just as it always does. But I think more times than not, it works out because a genuine love is forming between these two kids that is the realization of my biggest dream. They will have us, their parents, for a long time, I hope. But they may have one another forever.
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