Around the Bend by kannafoot

Around the Bend

My new lens arrived late yesterday and I was able to take it for a test drive at lunch today. The lens is a Canon 35mm f/1.4L. As with my other lens purchases, I plan to shoot exclusively with this lens for a week or so just to get used to its nuances. Every lens has a personality and it's important to get a feel for how each performs in various circumstances, and the only way to do that is to put it through a wide variety of situations. So what you see before you is the first photo published with the new lens.

Wednesday's meeting schedule typically leaves me with precious little photo time at lunch, and today was no different. Instead of going downcity to work the new lens as I'd have liked, I went over to India Point Park. The weather was a bit bleak today, and there was very little going on. Photography turned into a waiting game, so I found an interesting setting and settled back to do just that - wait. Finally, this runner came around the bend and I was able to capture him running through the setting I'd selected. The lens performed well - extremely fast and sharp focus, quiet, and good true-to-life color tones. I look forward to seeing this lens perform downcity.

Post processing started with a warm tone III filter in Topaz Adjust. I then adjusted adaptive exposure, regions, contrast, and protect highlights. A levels adjustment was added in PSE.

Here's the high res version in Smugmug:
I love that you caught the runner in midair.
October 30th, 2013  
@cejaanderson lol You run faster if your feet don't touch the ground. My timing was a bit off, though. I wanted to catch him just after that little patch of tan weeds, not before it. Misjudged his speed, though.
October 31st, 2013  
Congratulations on the new lens! Beautiful setting! Love the composition and the runner was captured beautifully!
October 31st, 2013  
Nice shot! Beautifully combined movement and stillness)
October 31st, 2013  
@kathyladley @elenachaykina Thank you! Still getting used to the unique perspective of this lens for street photography.
October 31st, 2013  
Love the flying guy here, great timing! Also, thank you for the detailed description, I'm currently looking for some new lens that will be a bit wider than my beloved nifty fifty, and this was quite useful because I'm now choosing between 35mm and 28mm focal length.
November 6th, 2013  
It looks like a really good focal length to work with. And the runner provides a good sense of scale.
November 7th, 2013  
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