Wandering for all eternity by laroque

Wandering for all eternity

Not sure about the translation, 'vague' means 'to wander' but also 'wave'. Either way, I think this is an interesting visual metaphor for the afterlife. Not something I believe in myself, but should I be wrong, and when the time comes, then I would be entirely content to have my soul transported to wherever by the good ship Bimbo.

Collioure old cemetery.
Great find and a lovely shot!
February 28th, 2021  
That would be the life :)
February 28th, 2021  
Oh I thought it was Vogue at first! A great message i f you have the time!
February 28th, 2021  
great find. interesting name for a boat...maybe a commentary on one's life???
February 28th, 2021  
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