Flat lay #3 by mcsiegle

Flat lay #3

Elena challenged me too make a flat lay with natural objects. This is the 3rd of 3 small flat lay compositions. I wish the grass was in focus.
@theredcamera and number three, Elena. As I said above, I wish I had taken more time and gotten this sharper with the grass in focus as well. But by the time I took a good look at what I had, I didn’t have time to go out and try again.
June 15th, 2020  
Hi, Mary, we're Get Pushed partners this week. For your challenge this week, I'm going to give you an editing challenge. Last week I was given the challenge to do a fantasy edit using a moon. Here's some examples, have fun! https://www.shutterstock.com/search/fantasy+moon
June 15th, 2020  
Mary, your natural flat lays are very creative. The rock backdrop and the leaves and seeds are quite artistic, the wood and rocks are nice opposites, too. I couldn't tell the grass wasn't in perfect focus.
June 15th, 2020  
Lovely composition.
June 15th, 2020  
I've seen a number of flat-lays recently on this site. I researched them a bit and attempted a few myself. Harder than I thought. I haven't been very sucdessful myself. Well done.
June 16th, 2020  
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