Aphrodite with pigs by mcsiegle

Aphrodite with pigs

Our dinosaurs are always keen to have their pictures taken with Aphrodite. The pigs are no different. Freedom Festival ended on Sunday, but I stayed through Monday and enjoyed a day-trip drive to Madison with my friends, Kim and Jack. Somewhere along the line, I remembered that we hadn't had that Aphrodite photo session and, wanting to do it when we got back, I looked into my purse expecting to find the pigs in their tin traveling box. Hmmmmm....no pigs. No worries, I thought. They are probably in my suitcase or somewhere in my car and I'll find them when I get back.

At the point where I had taken everything out of my suitcase and still hadn't found them, I was beginning to panic, remembering the Triceratops Twins years ago who missed most of their Freedom Festival experience by getting stuck way down in a pocket of my suitcase. I had been sure they were lost for good. Luckily they were found upon arrival home to Kansas, and luckily for the pigs on Monday, when Jack drove back to the shelter, Aleya told him they were in the lost and found in the bath house. Whew!

After the group photo with all four pigs, the girls decided they wanted to have an all-woman photo with Aphrodite, so here is that photo as well.
The pigs look very much at home.
July 10th, 2024  
Nice to see them posed so prettily in both photos
July 10th, 2024  
Oh my!! You'd have just been chatting and not playing tomorrow if an honest person hadn't handed them in!
July 10th, 2024  
What fun photos. A frightful scare. Glad they have been located and now are back home.
July 10th, 2024  
A fun beautiful capture!
July 11th, 2024  
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