My New Pancake Pan by mozette

My New Pancake Pan

I bought this pan at the Spice Mart where I buy all my spices in bulk. Initially, I went there to buy another large steel bowl, but then I saw this pan, and thought it would be good to replace my old pan with it - seeing it was only $16.00!

But there was a label on it which ripped when I went to pull it off... and the guy said it was a non-stick pan; how's that for irony! A non-stick pan, with a sticky sticker...hahaha... a great Facebook moment coming up here. So, I soaked it off, but the glue was still on there... *groan!*
So, I took it to Mum and Dad's place and Mum got that off with Euclyptus Oil.. yay!... and she told me it wasn't a non-stick pan, it's made of iron.

So, not only did I score myself an iron pan, but it was for a great bargain of under $20! :D
I think the store needs to offer some lessons on knowing the merchandise
May 29th, 2014  
Looks like it makes nice pancakes
May 29th, 2014  
@digitalrn @bkbinthecity thank you both for your lovely comments. It does make great pancakes... and without the chemicals that's in the non-stick pans now... so I'm glad I've gone with an iron pan. :D
May 29th, 2014  
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