At the Drag Races - Jet Bike by netkonnexion

At the Drag Races - Jet Bike

Best viewed with the magnifying glass.

At this particular event drag racing is shown in all of its guises. "Funny cars" and bikes are raced. They are special builds. This bike is powered by a jet. The fuels are mixed at the start and the biker has to wait about five minutes for the pressure to build up. It is almost silent - which the other vehicles are not! Then, when the pressure gets to the right level, the rider dumps the power on. The bike accelerates to almost full speed immediately.

I was at the start. Normally I can get two or three reasonably sharp shots off at this point. But in this case the bike moved so fast I only got one blurred shot.

I liked the colours and the effect so I showed it even though it's a bit blurred. (SOOC).

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June 2nd, 2011  
love it
June 2nd, 2011  
Great motion shot!
June 2nd, 2011  
Reowwwwwwww Reowwwww.. I think i have now lost the plot.. again.. Fantastic photo!!!
June 2nd, 2011  
SUPER...keep em coming...
June 2nd, 2011  
I love this. Fantastic blur
June 2nd, 2011  
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