oh buoy by northy
lovin those sparkles!
August 28th, 2016  
haha cool
August 28th, 2016  
Good one! ha-ha.
August 29th, 2016  
hi @northy i'm your Get-Pushed-214 partner it is a honor and the most changelling get pushed to... please take a photo with the Gustavo Adolfo Becquer's poem "The Dark Swallows Will Return" feeling leading on you, here is the poem:

The Dark Swallows Will Return

The dark swallows will return
to your balcony to hang their nests
and, once again, with a wing to its glass
playing, they'll call;
but those that held back their flight
when contemplating your beauty and my bliss,
those that learned our names...
those... will not return!

The dense honeysuckle will return
to your garden to climb its walls,
and, once again, in the evening, even more beautiful,
its flowers will bloom;
but those, studded with dew,
whose drops we watched tremble
and fall, like the tears of the day...
those... will not return!

From love, to your ears will return
the ardent words to sound;
your heart, from its deep sleep
perhaps will awaken;
but mute and engrossed and on its knees
as God is adored before his altar,
as I have loved you..., undeceive yourself:
Like this, no one else will love you!
August 29th, 2016  
Love the light and texture on the water.
August 29th, 2016  
Awesome shot
August 29th, 2016  
great water ripples. I would have loved this to have been a message in a bottle - which is what I thought at first. but the buoy is good too - and much more environmentally friendly than a floating bottle.
August 29th, 2016  
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