Matrix reloaded... by northy

Matrix reloaded...

each of these images is sooc, other than adding in the descriptor in photoshop... yes, the rose is blue... get over it ;p

the black and white versions are taken using the monotone setting on my camera, contrast +2, sharpness -2, low key gradation... the only difference is with respect to the bw filter setting i chose...

for the sooc september thing...

i had a difficult time choosing which version i preferred, but ultimately went with the green filter for my main album...
That's an interesting result. I think you picked right for the blue subject. Interesting how close that is to neutral.
September 8th, 2017  
It's so valuable having you record your workflow like this... green (or neutral) would have been my choice too.
September 8th, 2017  
Fascinating study.
September 9th, 2017  
This is very wonderful. This is most helpful for the rest of us.
September 9th, 2017  
Thanks again for sharing your learning
September 9th, 2017  
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