Brian Renée and Jingles  by phil_howcroft

Brian Renée and Jingles

This is how the conversation went ...

"Is it a Dog"


"Your Whippet is it a Dog"

"She's a lady"

"Oh, I'm looking for a whippet dog to mate with my Bedlington Whippet Cross. She's not got enough whippet in her"....points to the dog behind him on his bike.

"Oh right"

"Do you know any whippet dogs?"

"No Sorry"

"She's beautiful your whippet"

"Thank you. What are your dogs called?"

"Renée and Jingles"

"Ahhh right and what are you called?"


"Can I take your photo Brian?"

"Yes, that's OK, when you get them developed will you print me one?"

"Do you have an email address?"

"No , I've only just got a Nokia phone and I cannot work that either"


"When you get them developed, post them to my house, I live at number 12 xxxxxxxxxxx, just up there"

This isn't part of my strangers series as Brian isn't engaging with the camera and I didn't really set my camera up properly. It's a really slow shutter speed and Brian's face isn't as sharp as I'd like.

It was a surreal meeting, two dogs having a bike ride. You can see me and Elsie reflected in the window of the empty "pudding restaurant" (a failed business in the difficult economic climate) . I was shooting using the display on the back of the camera rather than the viewfinder, which is unusual for me (I was probably keeping an eye on Elsie, not knowing how the dogs on the bike would react)
This is brilliant. The photo, the two dogs peeping out, and the crazy conversation. Awesome!
February 1st, 2023  
@tinley23 awww thanks Lesley , I wasn't going to post it because I thought the photo had quality issues !!!
February 1st, 2023  
Well what a fascinating and bizarre story Phil. A really good shot too, it really suits mono
February 1st, 2023  
Oh I did chuckle - love the narrative as much as the pic! My collie is in season and a chap with a very interested GSD said 'wouldn't they have beautiful puppies' - you couldn't see Dulcie and I for dust!
February 1st, 2023  
Well what an encounter! You are a braver man than me! From what I can see neither dog looks to have any whippet in them!
February 1st, 2023  
What a fun pic! and an epic encounter :-)
For me this image is a fabulous street picture. There are so many things to see and to discover. The two dogs are really your strangers as they seem to look right at you.
February 1st, 2023  
Oh! That's just too adorable! Fun shot and narrative.
February 1st, 2023  
I would have been keeping on eye on my dogs for multiple reasons. But I think this is a cracking good shot.
February 1st, 2023  
This is a great shot - something a little unusual for you tho :)
February 2nd, 2023  
Fun shot, with a lot to look at. Interesting interaction!
February 2nd, 2023  
Well, there’s a slice of life for you! Those two little faces peering out are just brilliant.
February 2nd, 2023  
Interesting character; amusing narrative and that dog peeking from the back of the bike is priceless!
February 2nd, 2023  
Love that your reflection is in the photo!
February 2nd, 2023  
So is your whippet a whippet dog? 🤣
February 2nd, 2023  
Interesting narrative!
February 2nd, 2023  
This is just brilliant, especially with the narrative. I actually never noticed the two dog faces initially. I love that we can see you and Elsie in the reflection. I feel that conversation was a bit weird and that Brian is a little eccentric, perhaps ... poor Elsie, I bet she's glad she's a lady!
February 2nd, 2023  
I see you and Elsie in the shop window. I like your beanie. I guess the dogs would have preferred walking along than all covered up in their boxes, but it's not for me to judge what's best. Lovely streetie and an interesting conversation.
February 2nd, 2023  
What a fabulous story. Love it! And great shot too to boot!!!
February 2nd, 2023  
priceless :)
February 2nd, 2023  
This picture has just got so much going for it. Has to be a fav.
And the narrative..... ever thought of a book!!
I just love it!
February 2nd, 2023  
@busylady thanks Judith it is a good story :)

@fbailey "you couldn't see Dulcie and I for dust!" ... quite right too !

@carole_sandford Thanks Carole , I'm used to photographing people on the streets now !

@corinnec good shout about the dogs Corinne :)

@marlboromaam a rather strange encounter Mags

@cdonohoue so pleased you like this Cathy

@christinav thanks Christina , it is indeed a little different from my 'usual encounters' with people
February 2nd, 2023  
@mccarth1 thanks Kerry , I appreciate your visit and comment

@ljmanning thanks Laura , the faces peeking out is what attracted me too

@amyk priceless indeed

@2022julieg thanks julie , I usually try to avoid reflections of myself !

@kjarn I know :)

@boxplayer very interesting indeed Box'

@jamibann thanks issi , I think it was all a bit surreal , someone asking if I want to breed my dog !!!

@sangwann thanks Dione , I dod think it might not be comfy for the two dogs

@johnfalconer thanks John for your nice words

@pdulis thanks Peter

@jenbo thanks Jenny , as for a book , I may do a phonebook of my strangers , your words of support are most welcome
February 2nd, 2023  
Love the shot and the story is brilliant - def should include him, he’s priceless
February 2nd, 2023  
Great shot - such a character - and the two dogs!!!
February 4th, 2023  
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