That's Old Fashioned (That's the Way Love Should Be) by princessicajessica

That's Old Fashioned (That's the Way Love Should Be)

The Canadian coffee/doughnut chain Tim Horton's is turning 60 later this year, and to celebrate they've brought back four older menu items that were around when Christopher and I were little but have been gone for most of our millennial lives. Chris doesn't really mind their absence-- he's always been a tons of chocolate/sprinkles kind of person-- but he knows the older doughnuts were among my childhood favourites. He went out late tonight to put gas in his work vehicle (because it's always cheaper late at night) and stopped to pick up a couple of the old fashioned doughnuts on his way home. We guess it was nearing the time when they'd have to dispose of the leftovers from the day, because the girl working gave him twice what he ordered! The dark brown one is a Walnut Crunch (chocolate cake doughnut with walnuts and a sugar glaze), the long one is a Cinnamon-Sugar Twist (plain doughnut rolled in cinnamon and white sugar), the square one is a Dutchie (plain doughnut with raisins in the dough and a sugar glaze) and the other one is a Blueberry Fritter (a doughnut with blueberries in the dough, blueberry filling, and a sugar glaze).

I have chosen the title for this picture because the doughnuts are old fashioned, and because the referenced song is one of the ones from our wedding. Chris and I each picked one song independently to express ourselves to each other-- I chose the song to which I walked down the aisle, and he chose the song to which everyone else walked down the aisle-- and this is the one he picked for me that day. He was the first of his friend group to get married (despite being the youngest), so the last verse in particular struck a chord with him (though he did actually carve our initials in an oak tree and we did always sit side by side in booths too)!

I am so glad they have brought these back for now
February 13th, 2024  
I tend to over-indulge their apple fritters. Might have to try the blueberry if it's offered on this side of the border.
February 13th, 2024  
A beautiful loving narrative, fabulous blast of the evenly brothers.
Be in love with your life, every minu5e of it!
Great photo of sweet yummy ness….
February 13th, 2024  
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