Welcome back by quietpurplehaze

Welcome back

Along with other gardens usually open but closed for lockdown, Hilliers Arboretum re-opened this week: strict social distancing measures in place, new separate entry and exit system, timed and pre-booked entry and no refreshments offered.

Real sign of the times Hazel beautifully captured, our camera club is going to put on a exhibition with images taken recording the COVID 19 period and are asking for our images, I don't have any I'm still in shielding mode at home and still have not got out:)
June 11th, 2020  
Glad that they are re-opening cautiously. Here in Ontario we are beginning to re-open too and, for the most part, we seem to be doing it cautiously with people wearing masks and social distancing.
My brother-in-law is in Arizona where things seem to be quite different; restaurants with many people, no masks in sight, and little attempt to social distance. Time will tell who got it right.
June 11th, 2020  
At last, I do think places like this outside are pretty safe....I would rather go looking round a garden like this than go shopping next week...how on earth is it all going to work but open up we must else the country will go bust!
June 11th, 2020  
Very nice
June 11th, 2020  
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