Sunset bokeh by randystreat

Sunset bokeh

Another photo for this week's get pushed challenge. I was given the challenge to shoot of a flower or plant but from an unusual angle or point of view. The challenge for me on this one was to to get a good focus and some bokeh in the same frame.
@lizhammond Another photo for the get pushed challenge.
May 27th, 2017  
Wonderful Kathy. Really well done. Looks extra special on black I think, so worth the extra click. You certainly achieved your aim and a great shot for the challenge.

My only small suggestion is for the white blooms to the bottom left of the frame as I find they very slightly pull my eye & that would be to consider moving them before you shot so you just got the single stem and all that yummy bokeh around it. Not always possible I know & some people prefer to take nature as it comes :-)
May 27th, 2017  
So well done Kathy fav
May 27th, 2017  
@lizhammond Thanks for the feedback Liz. I didn't notice that. Will pay better attention. Thanks, too, for the fav
@dawnee Thank you so much for your kind comments and fav.
May 27th, 2017  
Impresssive response to the challenge. Must do mine today!
May 27th, 2017  
@randystreat just wanted to say again - it really is a lovely shot and so good, especially for the challenge. My comment about the white flowers is a minor one, but I think would take it from a lovely shot to an absolutely magic one.

We all do that thing of focusing on the subject and not just having that final check around the frame for anything distracting. I certainly have. Sometimes you can rescue it with a crop or cloning, but its so much easier to sort in camera.

Wish I could give you an extra fav but you will have to make do with a metaphorical 'gold star' from your get pushed partner.
May 27th, 2017  
Lovely shot Kathy.fav
May 27th, 2017  
fabulous capture Kathy, you did awesome on this challenge. :)
May 27th, 2017  
@s4sayer Thank you Margo.
@lizhammond I thank you again. I'm not offended with the feedback, in case you were worried. I appreciate it. People on 365 try to be supportive and are hesitant to give constructive criticism/feedback. I say, how am I supposed to learn anything that way?
@peterlgrave Thank you for the comment and fav Peter.
@novab Thank you so much Nova. I appreciate your kind words and the fav.
May 27th, 2017  
@randystreat thanks, I completely agree with you - I have 'Constructive criticism welcomed' as the first line of my profile to try and encourage it. Glad we are of the same opinion :-)
May 27th, 2017  
This is awesome on black. Great job Kathy!
May 27th, 2017  
@thewatersphotos Thank you so much Gary
May 28th, 2017  
Superb silhouette detail and love the bokeh background. Makes me think of a dragon walking to the right.
May 29th, 2017  
@mandygravil Thank you Mandy for your supportive feedback. I can see that dragon now that you mention it.
June 1st, 2017  
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