More innovations [Travel day]  by rhoing

More innovations [Travel day]

Three years ago I posted an aircraft wingtip with a curved upward extension (“blended wingtip”) »
I conjectured it was for maneuvering, but it's to reduce drag. Now there's a downward extension on the Boeing 737-800 (but *not* a 737 MAX8) we flew today.

This is a “split scimitar winglet,” » “The Split Scimitar Winglet redefines the aerodynamics of the existing Blended Winglet on the Boeing 737NG family. The combined aerodynamic elements of the retrofit — ventral strakes, scimitar tips, and trailing edge wedges — provide a drag reduction, and corresponding range increase, of 2 percent or more for long-range missions. These winglets are now standard on all new Boeing Business Jet aircraft, and are already in service on over 700 Boeing 737NG airliners.
*Patent 5348253.”

The 2% gain in range and fuel savings must be worth it.


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Happy travels!
May 27th, 2019  
Have a safe journey
May 27th, 2019  
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