Newborn screening by rhoing

Newborn screening

Most babies born in U.S. hospitals have blood drawn before they leave the hospital for newborn screening lab work. This was done with this little guy, too, but at his well-baby check with his pediatrician today, mom & grandma learned that there was a problem with the sample taken from him at the hospital and blood had to be drawn again.

So off we trudged to Newton-Wellesley Hospital to have more blood drawn. Apparently it did not go well, though it was probably harder on mom and grandma than it was on the patient. In any case, here are the stick marks in his heel.
» Newborn screening info from CDC
» Probably more than you want to know about newborn screening

NOTE While this may initially look like an “inappropriate” photo, the visible skin is tummy, left foot, and right knee and lower leg. It’s not a photo that need embarrass him later…

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November 14th, 2020  
So precious!
November 14th, 2020  
Always hard to watch but important enough to make it happen.
November 14th, 2020  
November 14th, 2020  
Poor little guy! I assure you, he felt it.
November 15th, 2020  
Poor boy
November 16th, 2020  
Actually, baby feet are really expressive.
November 18th, 2020  
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