RK3_7805 Young great tit by rosiekind

RK3_7805 Young great tit

There are so many young birds about at the moment. This young great tit sat at the bottom of the feeder stand waiting for it's parent to come and feed it. He doesn't look too happy about it.

Thank you for all your kind comments and Favs. It is always much appreciated.
Beautiful shot, he does look a bit impatient.
June 3rd, 2020  
Typical child. Wants the parents to do it for him
June 3rd, 2020  
Cute! Fav
June 3rd, 2020  
A very sweet capture. Fav!! 😀
June 3rd, 2020  
I have got very interested in their habits since we had fledglings in our garden last weekend - the tits seem to be much more self sufficient than the black birds. I recognise that look though!
June 3rd, 2020  
Lovely little fellow and capture Rosie:)
June 3rd, 2020  
Lovely shot
June 3rd, 2020  
Nice capture.
June 4th, 2020  
June 5th, 2020  
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