An out steel hull left beside the road by sandradavies

An out steel hull left beside the road

Eeeouch that steel in the bow must have been used to move it to this location and out of the way. The cost to move discarded heavy equipment is beyond action. There was also a grader on the side of the road that broke down and remains where it stopped.
What wonderful textures and such an interesting angle to photograph it from.
ps. What's a grader?
April 2nd, 2021  
That's a great find. Love the textures.
April 2nd, 2021  
@jon_lip Thanks Jon, we call the wheeled machine that levels the ground to make a road a grader. That one had a short life on the Chatham Is.
April 7th, 2021  
@peadar Thanks Pedar
April 7th, 2021  
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