iacta alea est by summerfield

iacta alea est

"the die is cast" - suetonius to julius caesar

my shot scheduled for today had to be abandoned as there are two already posted which was similar to my planned one. good thing these are in my book shelves, scattered here and there. i found a red die last summer but i couldn't find it which was just as well as we're shooting in black and white this month and the camera is set in monochrome.

Think how many games use dice! Still do in spite of other games being constructed. They have a particular sound when you rattle them in your hand..
February 4th, 2023  
terrific subject and a wonderful low key photo
February 4th, 2023  
A good dice shot.
February 4th, 2023  
Great circle shot
February 4th, 2023  
Very nice spotting of all these circles.
February 4th, 2023  
Great idea. I don’t think it matters if someone has already done a shot as we don’t all follow the same people.
February 4th, 2023  
great bit of lateral thinking to use these circles. I like it.
February 5th, 2023  
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