circles galore by summerfield

circles galore

this would've been better in colour as these are colourful straws, in all colours possible. in the camera the bokehs were big, perfectly round-shaped and soupy. i have no idea why they ended up as septagons. but i have ran out of ideas, time and props.

the weather has turned more decent today with temps above zero celcius. so i took my big shopping cart downtown to michaels hoping the two-for-one gallery canvas sale was still on. there was a particular size i wanted to get. but the sale has ended and i lost out. story of my life. but the sale online might still be on, hopefully and i shall be heading there right now.
such a fascinating composition and the bokeh is close enough to circles for me, Vikki
February 6th, 2023  
The colors gave you a good variety of tones.
February 6th, 2023  
Beautiful shot
February 6th, 2023  
Great idea and bokeh.
February 6th, 2023  
I so very nearly did this today! Back to drawing board......

Yours better than mine would've been any way!!
February 6th, 2023  
Great shot, love the bokeh
February 6th, 2023  
I was wondering if you saved paper towel rolls for situations just like this.I like the light reflected inside some of the straws.
February 7th, 2023  
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