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From Turku, Finland, on my fourth year.

Some may say that my style is soft and romantic. That may be true but you are as likely to see dark and creepy pics in my album too. You may see softly processed flower or a creepy doll, you never know what to expect -heck not even I always know what to expect from me :)

To me photography is very personal and I channel a lot of my inner world into my pics - If you really look at my pics, you can see me. We all have our unique way of seeing things and through photography I try to find my way of showing how I see the world.




how to spend a relaxing day in summer http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-08-02

use shadows in a creative way http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-09-21

capture a moment http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-09-29

use a diptych to tell a story http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-10-06

shoot night street shot with light strails http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-10-13

mix vibrant colours http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-10-16

take a shot that could be used for the album cover of one of your favourite songs http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-10-22

take a very colorful picture of something fun and post it straight off your camera, no enhancements http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-02

capture the rainbow through your images http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-05 & http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-06 & http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-07

take a real life photo with lots of color, no editing it, so straight out of the camera http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-16

take a photo that your cat would take http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-11-22

street photography http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-12-01

use framing http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-12-07

look inside your home and see something with fresh eyes http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-12-15

light trails http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-12-22

photograph love, illustrate through a picture what love feels like http://365project.org/susale/365/2013-12-25

create a monochrome photograph http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-01-04

to take a photograph of someone who is older http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-01-10

create a backlit still-life http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-01-24

find heart shapes http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-02-14

take a picture with a lot of DOF and colour http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-02-22

ICM http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-03-02

take a macro shot of a kitchen Utensil http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-03-23

photograph food http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-04-13

explore negative space http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-04-17

produce something which is very high contrast monochrome http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-04-23

explore candid http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-05-04

produce a hard edged abstract http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-05-11

action shot http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-05-17

take a photo or photos that is inspired by the key point or event in a fairy tale or a folk tale http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-05-25

capture my new beginning http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-06-08

capture a pattern, either a repeating pattern or a random one http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-06-15

photograph clocks http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-07-20

photograph something BIG http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-07-22

use b&w to create an abstract http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-07-27

photo which portrays the things in life which are important to me http://365project.org/susale/365/2014-08-01


explore daily activity http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-02-16

take something ordinary in of the house and photograph it in a unusual setting http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-02-26 & http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-04-28

photograph Windows http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-03-06

photograph doorways http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-03-05

use Khachaturian's Sabre Dance as inspiration http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-03-13

use Tarot card as inspiration http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-03-20

Easter traditions http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-03-24

multiple exposure http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-04-03

photograph an animal http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-04-07

forced perspective

photograph hands & get to know something about a person through their hands only http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-04-29

take a get-pushed challenge that you were not happy and improve http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-15

recreate one of my earlier pics http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-20 & http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-21

recreate a woodland photo http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-20 & http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-21

concept enchanted http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-22

movement http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-05-26

human face http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-06-05

representing a strong, powerful emotion, good or bad

backlit still life http://365project.org/susale/365/2016-06-19

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