Bronllys Castle  by susiemc

Bronllys Castle

Today I went to the hairdressers. I've been going to the same hairdresser and using the same route for 15 years and I've never noticed this castle before even though I pass it every time. The castle isn't really visible from the road when you're driving but today a noticed a sign. I can only think that the sign is new ( or I'm VERY unobservant).

This small castle was built by William de Clifford around 1230 (nearly 800 years ago!!) and is typical of castles found in this part of Wales. The top floor, added in the 14th century provided a very comfortable room to live in.
Owain Glendwr's uprising prompted repairs to the castle in 1400 but by 1521 the castle had become so dilapidated that it was considered only good enough to be a prison.
It is now owned/managed by Cadw, the historic environment service of the Welsh Government which works to protect historic buildings.
Isn't it funny how we suddenly notice things we have been past my so many times...!...but that's everyday life I suppose,sometimes our minds are on so many other things,we don't alway "see"...
November 3rd, 2016  
Lovely castle, you will have to take a closer look. Reminds me that we used to go past Kolossi Castle in Cyprus every day for three years and only visited twice.
November 4th, 2016  
Looks very intriguing. What a fascinating find.
November 4th, 2016  
Very interesting shape for a castle. Is it all in "rounds"?
November 6th, 2016  
Nice shot. It is so easy to miss things on familiar routes, especially when driving, then something changes, like a new sign and the unfamiliarity makes us look again at our surroundings
November 8th, 2016  
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