Portrait of Nat by teodw

Portrait of Nat

I had a friendly reminder email to post or I would get deleted. Although I don't post regularly, the thought of permanently leaving this inspirational community was something I can't do just now. When I first got into photography this was the outlet I needed to push myself and be inspired by the many amazing people on this site.

This is a portrait of a friend, Nat, taken a few months ago now. Iv'e found since this Covid crap is happening, my creativity has fled and I don't tend to pick up my camera. Apart from the difficulties that come along with lockdown periods, I just don't feel inclined. Our camera club meetings are held on Zoom and for a while they were okay but now I find them annoying. Presently I am in a stage 4 lockdown area. Curfew and time restrictions on being outside unless for essential workers..........We are all just trying to get this done! Can't wait for the chance to travel again and I'd even be happy if it was within our own state!
I suppose you have plenty of lovely shots in your files. It could be therapeutic to post whether new or old work, just to keep in touch. We are in stage 4 lockdown here on Melbourne Victoria, Australia.
I don’t know where you are, but the whole world is overcome with “Lockdown blues”
August 28th, 2020  
@ethelperry, thanks Ethel, I really do have the lockdown blues! Also from Melbourne, though the outskirts, just 2km from the stage 3 zone. A bit frustrating for our little town but I understand they have to draw a line somewhere. We definitely consider ourselves rural not metropolitan. As you can imagine the 5km travel is not helpful to us when the nearest big supermarket is 20kms away. Where in Melbourne are you?
I do return to 365 occasionally and it’s fabulous to see the old faces still posting and you are right, it is therapeutic. I also like seeing how different parts of the world are getting on with the new Covid normal world.
August 29th, 2020  
@teodw Oh Terrie, you must be up the wall. It is not only the impositions in place to bring the COVID down, but the unknown, the how long? I am in Glen Waverley, live alone and unfortunately don’t drive any more. Yes, I enjoy everything I see in other parts of the world, including yours. I would love to see snippets of where you live.
August 29th, 2020  
Great portrait
August 29th, 2020  
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