Wall art 2 by thedarkroom

Wall art 2

This was on a wall on a different floor in the medical center. I have not inverted this one like I inverted the image on my main album. No theme this week. Debbie @shutterbug49
These are beautiful too Debbie, just so very different.
September 27th, 2023  
@shutterbug49 Fascinating art that leaves a lot of room for intrerpretation. Terrific minimal image!

I hope this is a routine visit and not something critical?
September 27th, 2023  
September 27th, 2023  
September 27th, 2023  
@grammyn Thanks. I was having trouble walking and the top of my foot was painful. I was afraid it was a stress fracture, but the doctor believes it’s tendonitis. If I walk very carefully and avoid putting weight on it and take aleve with breakfast and dinner, it should heal fairly quickly. I’m actually supposed to walk on it, just not 10,000 steps a day and ice afterward. So nothing serious, just temporarily annoying.
September 27th, 2023  
@shutterbug49 thank you Debbie. I’m glad to know it’s nothing incredibly serious. I understand that annoying detail with health problems.
September 27th, 2023  
Best seen on the black. A nice sense of a flock of birds. Get better soon.
September 28th, 2023  
Lovely images, inverted and not....are you doing ok?
October 1st, 2023  
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