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April 2019 marks the start of my 7th year.. Still here and still having alot of fun with photography and 365 .. it is a great community ..

Well another year has ticked by ... or infact two years since the last update... Just starting year #5..I am still really enjoying this fantastic community and plan on being here a while yet ..
I have 'relaxed' my rules just a little and if I have not taken a shot on that day will get one out of the files .. though it does have to be something that I am proud to show..
I like to make my project varied, and not stick to too much of the same thing .. I love being out and about and taking Landscape shots that showcase the beauty of the country we live in .. ( North Island New Zealand) I have had trips to the South Island that I just love and happy to share my adventures.

Thank you all for your continued support and for sharing your beautiful photos..
23 April 2018

Time for a bit of an update... Here we are 3 years down the track.. I have been into photography for about 31/2 years and are learning all the way. Would like to thank you all for the wonderful support and encouragement you give me with my photo's ..
I have upgraded my camera in this time, and done a few camera courses and are a member of a Camera Club .. I have got a bit more casual with my project and do my best to have a new photo each day but life does sometimes get in the road so I will fish one out of the files .. 6th May 2016

Hi, I am relativly new to photography, as have taken it up in the last 12 months along with a couple of friends, I am having alot of fun with it. We live on a dairy farm in the North Waikato region, Have grown up family, and 5 grandchildren. Love to hear your comments and critique's. Also love looking at the creativeness of some of your images. Keep it all coming .. Julz

Well here we are a year down the track and I am still as enthusiastic as I was the day I started, it has been a fantastic twelve months, been a it tough at times when 'life' has got in the road, but 365 has helped me get through. You will be seeing me for a bit longer yet. I appreciate all your comments and I hope you carry on by by visiting my page and commenting.. bring on the next 365..
Julz 22 April 2014

Another year has past by and I have not had an update, I am still keen as mustard and quite happy to do a photo a day and most day's also put one in my 2nd album. I find that doing this project certainly helps with my photography and I really love hearing all of your opinions and comments, Have had the pleasure of meeting two 365er's from oversea's and that is pretty cool. So you will be seeing me here for a while yet ... 22 April 2015


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