Open for business by 365anne

Open for business

Hung some bird feeders where I can set up my camera and tripod inside to get some bird shots - no customers so far........
well prepared! I hope you enjoy working out how to get the best shots
January 17th, 2019  
I'm sure they will soon find it irresistible. Looking forward to seeing all your feathered visitors
January 17th, 2019  
Good luck, looking forward to seeing some birdies. hope that sparra hawks stay away though
January 17th, 2019  
with such a variety they should be there soon.
January 18th, 2019  
It might take a few days. It did for me and now there are cute little finches flying, mourning doves on the fence and blue jays grabbing the squirrels peanuts. I love the activity but I don't get bird shots...not a big enough zoom lens. Enjoy! :)
January 18th, 2019  
@anniesue Hmmm, well there may be quite a bit of chance involved Annie!
@seacreature Hopefully it wont be too long before the word gets out!
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Haha, I hope so too! Havent seen any in this neck of the woods but I know they are about locally
@ludwigsdiana I'm really hoping so Diana!
@gardenfolk I dont think we will have any blue jays, if Im lucky there may be some Blue Tits - and plenty of sparrows too!!
January 18th, 2019  
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