robin by aecasey


Visited my parent's (well, mine now) acreage along Squaw Creek. It's so wonderfully quiet and peaceful there. There are some things of theirs I just can not part with, so I've decided to put them in the summer cabin there for now. Family pictures, my mom's old china dolls, dad's memorabilia from WWII, ... mom's cut glass will go there as apparently no one wants that anymore. After we left a few boxes we walked down along the creek. Very quiet ... no chicadees or nuthatches, but did see this one robin. The sun drops quickly there, and there wasn't much sun, so a silhouette had to do.
November 19th, 2023  
so sweet
November 20th, 2023  
I love your narrative and this beautiful image.
November 20th, 2023  
The lighting is magnificent
November 20th, 2023  
Great shot
November 20th, 2023  
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