Wreath by artsygang


I followed a de Winton tutorial that popped up on my phone. Unusual for me I watched it through first, then picked up my brushes to watch, do, pause, rewind and mutter.

Ellen you said you wanted to see the work in full, so here it be.
Lovely one
November 11th, 2023  
So pleased to see this on the Artsygang calendar especially today. Lest we Forget.
November 11th, 2023  
November 11th, 2023  
Great work.
November 11th, 2023  
@theredcamera thank you for requesting this.

It is marvelous Jackie. Perfect for the day! @30pics4jackiesdiamond
November 11th, 2023  
I think it's a lovely painting. A perfect subject for the day too.
November 11th, 2023  
Perfect for remembering the importance of this day, and a reminder, too, that tutorials can be so very helpful!
November 11th, 2023  
This is so lovely
November 11th, 2023  
@kjarn v kind
@Weezilou I'm ok at copying!
@randystreat tganks Kathy

@grammyn thank you Katy
@johnfalconer I wouldn't go that far!!
@annied thank you

@wakelys thanks for prompt to put it here
@casablanca v kind
November 12th, 2023  
It is “great work”!! I look at stuff like yours and can only dream of matching it.
November 12th, 2023  
@johnfalconer Bless you, thank you. perhaps someone can get you some paints and paper and we can have a go at some of the tutrials together??
November 12th, 2023  
I think it is time we started painting again......
January 18th, 2024  
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