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A very warm welcome to everyone who has just joined the 365 community! Whether you are a week in, or are still yet to upload your first photo, we are sure you'll find our inspirational tips and words of advice from existing 365 members an essential read!

Essential Advice

Take a camera everywhere! – It may sound silly, but remembering to take a camera wherever you go is essential, no one wants to miss a shot that could be the picture of the day! Whether it is taking your prized DSLR specifically in search of a great photo, or just making sure that you are ready to snap something interesting with your smartphone – always having a camera to hand will make creating a daily photo journal an easier task.

Set a reminder – Until you get into the routine of photographing the world around you on a daily basis, a reminder is a good idea. Even veteran 365ers say that sometimes “life just gets in the way”, and sometimes a reminder to take time out to get a shot is a good idea. Even if it is late at night, you can still step outside and take a picture of the stars; you can even take a documentary shot of the thing that is stopping you from experimenting with your camera!

Upload images regularly – The easiest way to keep your project up to date and keep snapping pictures is to upload daily. Easy if you are shooting on a smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled camera, but we know that uploading daily isn't always practical if you have to get images off a camera and on to your computer first. Set aside time at least once a week to go through your pictures and update your project – if you leave it much longer it can seem like a daunting task.

Join in with the weekly theme – Sometimes finding inspiration can be difficult, but with the support of the 365 community and our regular blogs, you should find plenty of ideas to inspire you. Our Weekly Theme in particular is a great way to find inspiration for new shots and to challenge your photographic skills – just interpret the theme in any way you want and see what happens! You don't have to enter your photo, but sharing is all part of the fun here at 365. Our latest theme tells you how to take part.

Experiment! – Experimentation is essential! Whether you are documenting your daily life or here to expand your skills, having fun and seeing what you and your camera can create as a team will help make your very own 365 Project a more rewarding experience.

Advice from 365ers

Community spirit is strong at 365, and occasionally we like to ask our members about their projects and include the interviews in our blog. One of the questions we always ask is what advice they can offer members who are new to the 365 Project. Here is what they said…

Joyce Wells
“My advice for new 365ʼers is to become a part of the 365 community! Look on the Suggestions and Popular Pages. Find people to follow on the New Faces page - that's how you get started. Be sure to comment on peoples work. They will usually comment back or comment on your photos. Ask questions - people are happy to tell you how they got a particular shot. Most importantly - get out every day and shoot! Your confidence will increase the more you practice. Get to know your camera, too. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your journey.”
Read the rest of Joyce's interview

“Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Your style will define itself if you stay true to yourself and shoot what you love. Also, practice makes better…I mean “GOOD” practice makes better!!! So learn your camera and do not rush. There is nothing worse than practicing the wrong things for hours at end!!!..And most of all HAVE FUN!!”
Read the rest of Jaydee's interview

Teresa (Pocketmouse)
“Do not stop taking photos! Regardless of how bad you think they are, every time you hit that shutter you are growing and learning and furthering your skills. Challenge yourself - try a setting you've never used before, or force yourself to only shoot with a specific lens for a day. If you see something that inspires you, try it yourself. If you don't know what something means, Google it! … Actively look out for photos, even if you don't have your camera on you. Train your eye to see photo opportunities, and they will come a lot more easily.”
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“Keep challenging yourself.  And try to figure things out on your own first.  If you see a great photo of a bubble, figure out how the person got that shot… Search for more bubble photos (either in 365 or on the internet).  And start experimenting with your own bubbles.  You will find that sort of investigation is much more gratifying than starting a discussion about it.  Ask yourselves the question before you ask someone else; that's the best way to learn!  And if you're stuck, just start pointing your camera at things; you'll soon find you are getting more ideas just by simply clicking that shutter.”
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Peter de Graaff

“It is important to remember that it is your project. If it takes longer than 365 - well that's OK. Enjoy the photos of others and make comments on those you connect with. 365ers will often come to look at yours too.”
Read the rest of Peter de Graaff's interview

New Year is an exciting time at 365 as lots of new people start sharing their daily photos with existing members. It is great to see new talent, meet new people and watch more projects grow. Please share your thoughts, hopes, aspirations, and of course pictures, with us in the comments below!

January 9th, 2014
Lots of great advice here.
January 10th, 2014
thanks there are some great suggestions here… must remember to take camera…..
January 10th, 2014
I'm nervously looking forward to starting my project, and I am sure there are some great talented people here to help along the way...here goes!!
January 10th, 2014
This is such a wonderful site to belong too. I've learned more in a week than I had in a whole year on my own. I think the 365 Project is a phenomenal idea and vessel for whatever goals anyone is trying to accomplish through photography.
January 10th, 2014
I take 100s of photos but I forget to upload them. I am going to try to be better at that this year. I am not, though, going to get upset with myself if I forget a day here or there. Or even a whole month!
January 11th, 2014
I shoot even the little things, every day, and if I don't have time to upload, I catch up on the weekends when I'm off work! You can do this everyone! This is my fourth year!
January 11th, 2014
Thank you so much for all this excellent info. I am into my 11th day of the 365 and have been enjoying practising and having fun. I particularly like the comment "you can even take a documentary shot of the thing that is stopping you from experimenting with your camera" my dad has just gone into hospital and I wont have as much time to take photos so you might be seeing different shots of the hospital lol (I am also one of those who have to plug the sd card into the computer to upload my photos, so it is a bit difficult making the time to do so) , it will be better than nothing :-) Thank you again :-)
January 12th, 2014
Looking forward to taking part, thanks for the good advice.
January 13th, 2014
I just finished my first year and it was a great experience. Do this project for YOU. Everyone does the 365 Project for different reasons. Don't compare yourself to others. Just shoot what you love and have fun with it.
January 13th, 2014
I have to provide this link too from my good friend @squamloon who gives a visual cue to every tip he gives. I finished my first year on Dec. 31st, and it has been one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Prepping for year two.

Good luck to everyone! http://365project.org/discuss/tips-n-tricks/20291/21-tips-for-incoming-365ers
January 16th, 2014
I'm new to 365. I love to find beauty in the everyday things around me. I like being aware of all the little details that make up my days.
January 24th, 2014
Really great advice... life does get in the way.. but I am forcing myself to take a photo of ... WHATEVEVER.. sometimes you will be surprised by how it turns out!
January 29th, 2014
I didn't know this site on jan 1st but after googling for 365 projects I found this and got hooked. So who says you have to start on the 1st ;-) I just try to make a daily photo of something that made me smile. After 2 weeks I already look different around me and am more aware of interesting objects. I wonder what it will be after a whole year.
February 1st, 2014
Where can i get the list of ideas for january ???
March 12th, 2019
Excellent article. Very interesting to read. I really love to read such a nice article. Thanks! keep rocking.
January 25th, 2022
I’ve just finished three weeks and I’m loving the project and the community. These ideas are very helpful especially on days where inspiration is low.
June 8th, 2022
Au plaisir de participer 365project, j'adore faire des photos 📷 mais je suis loin d'être une especialista. Je viens de m'inscrire au project et j'espère continuer longtemps
June 30th, 2023
I'll somehow have to make time to complete this project, I want to! but have to make the effort, no excuses
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