In last weeks edition of the Newsly Weekletter I decided to try something a bit different.
Instead of putting a grid of 6 photos into a table and displaying them side by side I figured I should get a bit funky on you. Now my idea of funky isn't 60's style luminous colours or anything like that, I'm more of a classy kinda guy and appreciate my photos displayed in a classy kind of way.

I've seen some good looking collages in my time and thought I'd go about trying to find an easy way of making my own - without the need to spend hours in Photoshop cropping, resizing and re-arranging!

Introducing Google's Picasa... I have recommended Google's photo organising software before and figuring I should probably listen to my own advice I opened up the newly released version and literally within about 3 minutes I had the image above.

Not one to blow my own trumpet, but I think it's pretty good, especially compared to what we had before (right).
I'm not going to walk you through the process because it was insanely easy to make, I just selected the 6 photos I wanted, and pressed the collage button, selected the type of collage and bob's ya uncle... one awesome looking collage.

So go and get started! I expect to see yours uploaded this week :-p

Download: Google Picasa

posted June 20th, 2010
Thank you for this I am up to download now! i have always wanted to learn how to do a good collage and now this will help!
posted December 4th, 2010
Thank you, Ross! This information will come in handy. I have used Picasa and Picnik and actually enjoy working with Picnik.I think it is a little bit better to understand (for me anyway! LOL!!) Still working on understanding Picasa. I received a new camera for Christmas and got Photoshop 9 with it so I will be trying it out in the near future.
posted April 4th, 2011
I really like the collage. Here's one I made earlier... (on Picasa too)
posted January 14th, 2012
Lovely! Collaging is my thang! I'll have to try Picasa! Thanks :)
posted January 26th, 2012
I love the collage feature in Picasa too. Makes a whole world of difference when grouping some shots :)
posted April 8th, 2013
I have been using Picasa since I started this project. I seem to learn something new every week and just discovered "Edit in Creative Kit." Many more creative items are now open to me. I like the collage choices and have tried several to find the one I wanted to use. I vote for Picasa.
posted February 23rd, 2014
I love the Picasa collage also, but sometimes get a bit frustrated with it's limitations. But for quick? Can't beat it!
posted January 11th, 2015
I had a go myself to see what it's capable of (bearing in mind that I too use Photoshop to do this - such a long winded process). I'm quite impressed. Very easy to create a quick collage. Having never used any other app, I'm not sure how it compares....

My attempt at:

posted October 8th, 2018
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