In last weeks edition of the Newsly Weekletter I decided to try something a bit different.
Instead of putting a grid of 6 photos into a table and displaying them side by side I figured I should get a bit funky on you. Now my idea of funky isn't 60's style luminous colours or anything like that, I'm more of a classy kinda guy and appreciate my photos displayed in a classy kind of way.

I've seen some good looking collages in my time and thought I'd go about trying to find an easy way of making my own - without the need to spend hours in Photoshop cropping, resizing and re-arranging!

Introducing Google's Picasa... I have recommended Google's photo organising software before and figuring I should probably listen to my own advice I opened up the newly released version and literally within about 3 minutes I had the image above.

Not one to blow my own trumpet, but I think it's pretty good, especially compared to what we had before (right).
I'm not going to walk you through the process because it was insanely easy to make, I just selected the 6 photos I wanted, and pressed the collage button, selected the type of collage and bob's ya uncle... one awesome looking collage.

So go and get started! I expect to see yours uploaded this week :-p

Download: Google Picasa

June 20th, 2010
Thank you for this I am up to download now! i have always wanted to learn how to do a good collage and now this will help!
December 4th, 2010
Thank you, Ross! This information will come in handy. I have used Picasa and Picnik and actually enjoy working with Picnik.I think it is a little bit better to understand (for me anyway! LOL!!) Still working on understanding Picasa. I received a new camera for Christmas and got Photoshop 9 with it so I will be trying it out in the near future.
April 4th, 2011
I really like the collage. Here's one I made earlier... (on Picasa too)
January 14th, 2012
Lovely! Collaging is my thang! I'll have to try Picasa! Thanks :)
January 26th, 2012
I love the collage feature in Picasa too. Makes a whole world of difference when grouping some shots :)
April 8th, 2013
I have been using Picasa since I started this project. I seem to learn something new every week and just discovered "Edit in Creative Kit." Many more creative items are now open to me. I like the collage choices and have tried several to find the one I wanted to use. I vote for Picasa.
February 23rd, 2014
I love the Picasa collage also, but sometimes get a bit frustrated with it's limitations. But for quick? Can't beat it!
January 11th, 2015
I had a go myself to see what it's capable of (bearing in mind that I too use Photoshop to do this - such a long winded process). I'm quite impressed. Very easy to create a quick collage. Having never used any other app, I'm not sure how it compares....

My attempt at:

October 27th, 2018
I often use Picasa to make collages. The multiple exposure facility is really versatile.
January 2nd, 2021
Looks like Picasa is officially retired, but Google Photos (which replaces it) is online and has a collage feature
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