This weekend we marked another 365project milestone as we counted the votes for another theme winner. This time, for August's "Landscapes" theme!

As always, thanks to everyone who took time to review our 6 finalists and vote for a winner - it means a lot when you all get involved!

This month was especially close, with the 365 community feeling torn between all of the finalists! But, there was still a clear champion and we're thrilled to crown @northy as the winner. Congratulations!

A long-time member of the 365 community, @northy is widely admired for their beautiful black and white photographs, which are often packed with emotion and play with fun perspectives.

We love this moody mountainous landscape, which is beautifully put into perspective thanks to the ant-like glacier hikers making the grueling trek up the wintery terrain.

We especially like how the misty clouds and patches of light draw our attention to different parts of the image, helping look deeper into the story instead of being wholly distracted by the epic dark mountain side!

Remember, we're only halfway through September's "Long Exposure" theme. Just remember to get snapping, uploading and tagging before September 30th. We'll reveal the finalists within the first couple days of October!

September 24th, 2019
@northy congratulations!!
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