Take Flight With MFPIAC 84

March 25th, 2019
Welcome to the 84th Edition of My Favorite Photos in a Collage challenge. But before we start, I would like to extend a special thank you to Kim @genealogygenie for hosting MFPIAC83 (Squares) and to all who participated.

While there has been collage challenges with skies (30), wings (22), birds (39), and even sunrises and sunsets (68); there has yet to be a challenge with Flight as its’ theme.

So, while we all know that planes and birds fly, do not forget about butterflies, balloons, kites, and feathers floating in the air. And, of course – it is not unreasonable to consider a flight of stairs! New technology has given us drones, and there is para-sailing for the brave among us.

You can interpret the challenge any way you choose but your collage must consist of SIX photos taken at any time. They do not need to be taken within the time frame of this challenge.

Don’t have a photo editing app to make a collage? PhotoCollage, PicCollage, PiZap, or PicsArt might help.

Please tag your entry MFPIAC84

• Challenge begins Monday, March 25th
• Challenge ends Sunday, April 21st
• Voting will follow and the winner gets to choose the next theme and host challenge 85.

Feel free to post your entry to the thread here as well. This will keep the challenge current on the discussion boards and hopefully inspire more people to enter! I look forward to seeing your entries.

Nature (MFPIAC1)
Colour (MFPIAC2)
Memory (MFPIAC3)
Signs (MFPIAC4)
Food( MFPIAC5)
Animals (MFPIAC6)
Buildings (MFPIAC7)
Subject (MFPIAC8)
Webs (MFPIAC9)
Water (MFPIAC10)
Transportation (MFPIAC11)
Four Seasons (MFPIAC12)
Circles (MFPIAC13)
Action (MFPIAC14)
Air (MFPIAC15)
Night (MFPIAC16)
Close Up and Macros (MFPIAC17)
Holidays (MFPIAC18)
Place Where I Live (MFPIAC19)
Christmas (MFPIAC20)
Black & White (MFPIAC21)
Wings (MFPIAC22)
Toys (MFPUAC23)
Therapy (MFPIAC24)
Aged (MFPIAC25)
Growth (MFPIAC26)
Green (MFPIAC27)
Insects (MFPIAC28)
Silhouettes (MFPIAC29)
Skies (MFPIAC30)
Reflections (MFPIAC31)
Rust (MFPIAC32)
Time (MFPIAC33)
Sports (MFPIAC34)
Halloween (MFPIAC35)
Cold (MFPIAC36)
Pets (MFPIAC38)
Birds (MFPIAC39)
Valentines (MFPIAC40)
Windows (MFPICA41)
Shadows (MFPIAC42)
Trees (MFPIAC43)
Doors (MFPIAC44)
Kitchen (MFPIAC45)
Garden/Yard (MFPIAC46)
Highways & Byways (MFPIAC47)
My Country (MFPIAC48)
Street Art (MFPIAC49)
Musical ( MFPIAC50)
Bicycle (MFPIAC51)
Tools (MFPIAC52)
Thankfulness (MFPIAC53)
Containers (MFPIAC54)
Christmas Decorations (MFPIAC55)
Travel (MFPIAC56)
Soft (MFPIAC57)
Urban (MFPIAC58)
People (MFPIAC59)
Leaves (MFPIAC60)
Glass (MFPIAC61)
Collections (MFPIAC62)
Leisure Time (MFPIAC63)
Textures and Patterns (MFPIAC64)
Communications (MFPIAC65)
My Happy Place (MFPIAC66)
Traditions (MFPIAC67)
Sunrises & Sunsets (MFPIAC68)
Blue (MFPIAC69)
Body Parts (MFPIAC70)
Childhood (MFPIAC71)
Vacations (MFPIAC72)
Yellow (MFPIAC73)
T’s (MFPIAC74)
Cats (MFPIAC75)
Bricks (MFPIAC76)
Door Accoutrements (MFPIAC77)
Wood (MFPIAC78)
Hair (MFPIAC79)
The Color Red (MFPIAC80)
Mosaic Tile (MFPIAC81)
Hearts (MFPIAC82)
Squares (MFPIAC83)
March 25th, 2019
oooh, clever choice
March 25th, 2019
Thanks Wendy! Great choice for the theme!
April 18th, 2019
All pix to be taken during this time period...right?
April 18th, 2019
No - the beauty of this challenge is that they can be taken at any time ... so go to town, girl!!
The only criteria is that there are SIX photos.
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