Album cover #115

April 8th, 2020
Welcome to the Album Cover Challenge!

This challenge is lots of fun for those rainy and dreary days ! You can use a photo from your archives and edit to your hearts content!

Here is what you do:

1. Go to Wikipedia and choose the link for "Random Article" on the top left side of the page. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your musician(s) or band.

2. Go to Quotations Page and choose "Random Quotes" from the left menus. Scroll down to the end of the page. The last 4 to 6 words of the very last quote on the page are the title of your album.

3. Next, find or take a photo of yours (or photos) that fits the album name and artist(s). You can use one single shot or edit with layers, and so on. The processing options are limitless.

*Don’t forget to crop your album cover in a square format! *

4. Use your favorite editing program to create your cover (or, if you don't have one, Ace members have free access to -- and there are many other free programs out there). You can use any image of yours for the album, old or new, but you must use your own image (s) and do all processing for the cover during the time frame of the challenge.

5. You can enter multiple times but only one entry per photographer can be chosen as a finalist.

6. Tag your entries: albumcoverchallenge115

I encourage everyone.... newbies and oldies to join the fun!

To view submissions from previous challenges, search for album cover challenge, or click on this link to see entries to the last challenge -

Challenge Starts today , April 8 ,2020 and ends May 8 2020 ( all time zones)

Post your entries to this thread for inspiration....and have fun!
April 8th, 2020
Artist - Thomas Kariuki
Title - Covered up by paint

Quote - Photographers do this for a living, every single day -- they point their lenses toward every single corner of our world and somehow make the mundane mesmerizing through their artistic eye. It's all a matter of being aware of your surroundings and realizing that there are some really amazing and interesting things to look at, even if it may just be something so simple as a wall being covered up by paint. - Ward Jenkins
April 8th, 2020
@salza excellent!
April 8th, 2020
Artist - Clara Brown (sloop) (A racing sloop out of Buffalo, NY)
Title - For Which We Have No Use

Quotation - As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use. - William James (1842 - 1910)
May 1st, 2020
Artist: KP Media.

Title: In the corners of our rooms.

Quote: Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we would have people standing in the corners of our rooms. Alan Corenk
May 1st, 2020
@la_photographic thanks for playing! and convenient title for these times :)
May 4th, 2020
@kali66 Isn't it.
May 4th, 2020
I'm going to try if I can get my computer healthy by then.

Artist: James Gunson
Sir James Henry Gunson CMG CBE (26 October 1877 – 12 May 1963) was a New Zealand businessman and Mayor of Auckland City from 1915 to 1925. He was knighted in 1924.

Album Title : Qualifications are not your life
Personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a checklist of acquisition or achievement. Your qualifications are not your life.
J. K. Rowling, Harvard Commencement Address, 2008
May 5th, 2020
Tom Wandell a Swedish Ice Hockey player

About something important, about something real Ray Bradbury Farenheit 451
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