Entries needed for Composite Challenge - Seasons of Change

June 22nd, 2021
Currently there are no entries of this challenge. Not sure wether it's the theme putting people off, but please, give it a go.

This next round will have the theme Seasons of change. Make of that what you will. Perhaps a winter scene changing into a spring or summer scene. A winter fantasy, a summer fantasy. Whatever the season you fancy

A composite photograph is one that is made up of several photographs or pieces of photographs which have been merged or layered together. It can also include textures and effects that have been applied to the picture as well. Composite photography gives you a lot of room for creativity and ingenuity as you manufacture photos composed of elements that might not necessarily be found together in reality but somehow they seem completely at home with one another in the picture. Some composites take related photos and merge them together to form a whole new picture. It's totally up to the photographer as to what they want to portray and how they portray it.

There are many, many free tutorials online, ranging from beginners' advice about selecting and masking and layers, to more advanced techniques. According to one of our prior composite hosts, one good place to start might be phlearn.com's '30 Days of Photoshop'.

For the composite challenge here on 365 you must use at least one picture that is completely yours but you can blend in other images, such as stock images, if you so choose. Just keep in mind that should you use an image that is not yours it should be licensed as free to use for any purpose.

You are very welcome to enter as many times as you wish but only one entry from any contestant may be chosen as a finalist.

The challenge details:
Start date: Sunday , June 13, 2021
End date: Wednesday, July 13, 2021 in your respective time zones
Tag: composite37

See entries here: https://365project.org/tags/composite37
June 22nd, 2021
I am disappointed. With all the professional looking images folks create here, I thought there'd be some wonderful composites by now. Perhaps, they're busy with summer activities. I can try, but it will be sorely lacking. At least, it will be one to easily beat. LOL!
June 22nd, 2021
One craptastic attempt!
June 22nd, 2021
Yeah my last challenge that I hosted - it was tough getting some entries .. I think it may be the time of year :) I'll try and give this a go though!
June 23rd, 2021
I have one but thought I was too late. I’ll post it today.:)
June 26th, 2021
@yorkshirekiwi I forgot how to enter a photo in this challenge!
June 26th, 2021
@joysfocus just tag your photo with composite37.
Look forward to seeing your entry
June 26th, 2021
@yorkshirekiwi Thank you Carole!
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