30 Days Wild challenge.

May 31st, 2023
I am doing the 30 Days Wild challenge in June. If anyone wants to join in the tag will be "30-days-wild23".

For more information see link below.


May 31st, 2023
Thank you Laura. I may do a few days but have just completed a month of No mow May which I think is similar.
May 31st, 2023
I'm feeling the same way, having also done No Mow May. We'll see.
May 31st, 2023
It's a great theme for June!
May 31st, 2023
I'll maybe try to do some birds and squirrels and such. I have lots of those around :)
June 1st, 2023
I just did No Mow May, but look forward to having another great reason to get out into our Open Space areas.
June 1st, 2023
We're own the road for June so that should work out well.
June 1st, 2023
A great theme for June - I shall dip into the theme whenever I can .
June 1st, 2023
I'm joining and have tried to include the theme with some words for June too
June 2nd, 2023
I’ve been in the last several years and love it.
June 3rd, 2023
Fabulous! I usually rely on @roachling to remind and prompt me but she's not able to post as often these days. Looking forward to all the wild pics!

June 3rd, 2023
Looking forward to the adventure.
June 4th, 2023
Thank you.
June 7th, 2023
Thanks for reminding me of Thirty Days Wild.
June 10th, 2023
I'm not in the UK, but should be able to manage a few days in the wild!
July 1st, 2023
Made it for the whole month!
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