13th August 2013 by emmadurnford

13th August 2013

Today we visited 'Paradise Park' in Hayle - a wildlife sanctuary and the location of the World Parrot Trust. It is a great place with a strong emphasis on conservation, captive breeding and education.

The birds and animals are kept in well designed aviaries and cages and there are quite a few to pat and stroke! Unfortunately it is difficult to get a good shot through wire and so I settled for a very contented pig feeding a very large number of piglets. What a great life with plenty of mud and space and... whisper... no prospects of becoming a bacon sandwich!! (sorry!)
I love this, fav. So nice to see her feeding and enjoying her babies with plenty of space in which to to so. And the fact that they won't become bacon is the very best thing of all.
August 15th, 2013  
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